Be your own party planner

Planning a great party can seem daunting but here are some easy tips to make guests feel like A-listers

 Spring is on its way and with it, the chance to shake off the cobwebs by throwing a celebrity inspired party for your family and friends. But as every hostess worth her canapés is aware, without adequate preparation a spirits-boosting bash can easily turn into a headache for you and a flop for your guests. Creating the right atmosphere, getting the most out of your budget, deciding on the perfect mix of guests and making sure any children in attendance are well catered for can make for a stressful experience.

However, this need not be the case - in this video feature brought to you by MySims Party, we show just how just a little organisation, creativity and careful shopping can make your guests feel like Posh and Becks at an A-list bash.  One man who knows all about parties is Peregrine Armstrong-Jones. Peregrine has organised major events for the likes of the aforementioned Posh & Becks and Elizabeth Hurley, not to mention staging the wedding of legendary party monsters Elton John and David Furnish. Who better to guide you through the party planning minefield?

If you're inviting people from a wide age range, how do you make sure none of them feel left out or overwhelmed? What kind of mood do you want to create? How many people should you invite? How do you ensure everyone of every age is catered for? Is it a good idea to lay on a medieval banquet or is a less-is-more approach advisable when it comes to the food?

For the answers to all the above questions and killer tips on how to sprinkle that extra little touch of glamour over the proceedings, press play and let our presenter and us show you how.

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