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Find out what to wear for your shape this summer in our  Web TV show with model and presenter Lisa Butcher

Find out what to wear for your shape this summer in our
Web TV show with model and presenter Lisa Butcher

Chat Date: 5th May
Chat Time: 10.30am

The spring is most certainly upon us and it already feels like summer, which gets us all thinking about the warmer weather ahead... and with it, the prospect of our new summer wardrobe! Any excuse for a shopping expedition should in theory fill us with glee but in actual fact many of us may already be experiencing the onset of 'Seasonal Wardrobe Syndrome' — worrying about what we'll look like in skimpier summer clothes.

Whether your plans are for a musical mudfest at Glasto or lazing on a beach in Lanzarote, for most of us the thought of getting our winter muffin tops into a vest and shorts sends us into sartorial shock. And according to research, last year's summer photos may have something to do with it...

The syndrome also manifests itself in a significant number of women being in denial when it comes to their actual size. The research by Special K shows that some of us will actively choose to shop in certain high street stores where we know the sizes to be a little more generous — just so we don't have to resort to the next size up.

So instead of feeling uncomfortable forcing ourselves into our old clothes or avoiding shopping all together (heaven forbid!), it's time to wise up about how to slim down and step into our clothes and the summer with a smile. With a combination of eating healthily and top fashion advice, you can make sure you'll be looking back at this summer's holiday snaps with pride.

And starting on the path to slimming needn't be fraught. The Special K 4 week plan simply involves eating a bowl of the cereal for breakfast every day and replacing all indulgent snacks with Special K snacks. And for additional assistance there's a site — — where you can tailor your plan to get slimmer for summer alongside meal plans, exercise modules, blogs and much more. To get you on the way to looking and feeling great this summer, make sure you log onto our Web TV show. Joining us live in the studio is model and What Not To Wear style guru Lisa Butcher to give us advice and tips on dressing with confidence at any stage of your transformation, and nutritionist Rimi Obra-Ratwatte giving dietary advice on how even small changes to your diet can make a big difference.

Kelloggs Special K LogoLisa Butcher and Rimi Obra-Ratwatte joins us live online at on 5th May at 10.30am

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