Is your workplace making you ill?
Don't suffer in silence!

Join leading Ergonomist Emil Reisser-Weston to find out if your workplace is damaging your health and what you can do about it
Chat Date: Thursday 26th April | Chat Time: 13:00

Headaches, backache, eye-fatigue... does any of this sound familiar?  If so, you're not alone.  New research has revealed that the majority of us are suffering chronic ill health in the office.
We Brits still work longer hours than our European cousins with most of us spending many hours every day staring at a computer screen. But what damage could poor equipment and desktop layout be doing to us without our even realising it and what should our bosses be doing to help us?
And it is not only the workers who suffer. Did you know people are successfully suing their employers for illnesses they claim were caused by poorly laid out workstations? And what about the cost to firms of valuable staff constantly needing to take time off to recover from a day in the office?
The pressure now seems to be on the boss to make sure we are comfortable and happy at work. But who is there to help and advise the employers? And what should employers be doing to make sure we are sitting correctly at our desks and taking enough breaks to keep us healthy and stress-free?
Ergonomist Emil Reisser-Weston and Mel Taylor, Vice-President at ViewSonic join us live online at on Thursday, 26th April at 13:00 to discuss how workers are suffering in the office environment and what simple steps each of us should be taking to ensure good office health.

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