What London always confirms with each and every passing fashion week it hosts is that it still manages to yield an abundance of talent.

A talent base that always manages to push the boundaries of fashion into fresh and new trend setting stratospheres.

Below are some of the highlights taken from the shows. . .


Designer: Aganovich & Yung
Aganovich & Yung came up with an inspirational collection of structured winter dresses and separates with buttons, pin-tucks, folds, feathers and pleats in all the right places to produce finishes that made pieces distinctive yet wearable.

White continued from S/S '06 and was seen as the choice colour in dresses, skirts and blouses that were perfectly contrasted with black.

The injection of blue, antique rose and grape to the palette warmed up the winter collection and perfectly showed off the design duo's pageant for deep v-neck lines. This shape was teamed with vicar inspired neck ties that freshened up the look to make it surprisingly feminine.

Wide belts used to cinch waists-in, induced womanly lines that could only be worn with high heels. Clearly, this collection symbolised that Aganovich & Yung design clothes to be worn by professional, progressive women who's sensibilities toward style remain in the past.

Collection Pictures: Aganovich & Yung

Models/Celebrities Spotted:
Cat Deeley

Prominent Colours/Prints:
Black, White, Blue, Gold, Grey, Antique Rose, Grape

: Wool, Metallic, Fur, Satin, Leather

uyer Contact: Annelies De Rouck | Tel: +44 (0)20 7790 4595

E-mail: Annelies De Rouck

Visit: Aganovich & Yung


Designer: amanda wakeley
Amanda Wakeley's
adept talent at producing beautifully crafted dresses continued yet again for A/W '06 but this time she used black ribbon or lace trims for simplified chic.

The bold print patterns (to be found on the kaftans of the summer) were gone instead, understated patterns took precedent with separates renegated to only black and white hues.

The low-waisted trousers of seasons gone have been superseded with the high waisted, front pleat varieties that always look good with quality polo neck jumpers. Low slung belts (worn around the hips) have definitely died a death too with the waist cinching, hour glass achieving belt crowned the new accessory 'must-have' for the season.

Stand out pieces included the halter neck long evening dress (left) and the metallic trenchcoat.

Collection Pictures:
Amanda Wakeley

Models/Celebrities Spotted:
Lisa B

Prominent Colours/Prints:
Antique Rose/Pink, Cream, Black, White

: Satin, Silk, Wool, Chiffon, Jersey

uyer Contact: Chantal van't Hof | Tel: +44 (0)20 7584 4730

E-mail: Chantal van't Hof

Visit: Amanda Wakeley


Designer: Ben de Lisi
How do you like your dresses? Short and straight with straps but with the minimal amount of detail? Possibly, short, strapless but with some sparkle? What about, giant kaleidoscope colours brushed onto satin in a haltered neck style? Or, how's about a dress in printed chiffon with ruffles? Maybe one in black lace . . . sequined . . . a slinky, rose printed satin design perhaps?

As you can guess, Ben de Lisi offered dresses galore in every conceivable variation that you would be hard pushed not to find something you didn't like.

Separates were interspersed throughout the collection with a grey modern single button trouser suit and metallic brocade coats offering pieces that can be worn during the daytime as well as evening.

As always, incredibly chic and ultimately timeless.

Collection Pictures: Ben de Lisi

Models/Celebrities Spotted:
Cleo Roco, Michelle Collins

Prominent Colours:
Black, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Plum, Violet, Ruby

: Metallic Brocades, Lamé, Matted Fur, Gold Net, Silver and Bronze, Sequin, Bronze Leather, Wool, Denim, Kaninsky Printed Chiffon, Giant Brush Stroke Satin, Black Lace Rose Printed Satin, Platinum Panne Velvet, Hand Painted Organza

uyer Contact: Debbie Lovejoy | Tel: +44 (0)20 7730 2994

E-mail: Debbie Lovejoy

Visit: Ben de Lisi


Designer: Betty Jackson
Betty Jackson A/W '06 collection bears witness to the current extremes in weather climates and incorporates the needs and necessities of fashionistas, the world over, who require glamour and style whatever the weather.

Warm winter coats in: swirling paisley, tweed, bouclé and leopard skin came belted or alternatively adorned with large buttons and wide frilled collars.

Effortlessly chic yet hugely wearable dresses in: trapeze-line shapes, bold print, lamé, wool, metallic stripe and jersey, dominated the catwalk and will, no doubt, be seen practically everywhere next season on the high street.

Trousers were reminiscent of New Jersey styles of the 1930's, with extra wide legs, high waists featuring belt loops so big that they could fit the moorings of a cruise liner.

Dinky cute bows, huge beaded necklaces and platform high heel shoes (some of which were like walking mirrors) were just some of the finishing touches employed.

Collection Pictures:
Betty Jackson

Models/Celebrities Spotted
: Anne Robinson, Jennifer Saunders

Prominent Colours: Black, Grey, Brown, Rust, Red, Orange

Fabrics: Leopard Skin, Metallic Stripes, Lamé, Wool, Tweed, Chiffon, Satin, Sequin, Lace

Buyer Contact: Sophie Cooper | Tel: +44 (0)20 7602 6023

E-mail: Sophie Cooper

Visit: Betty Jackson



Designer: Gharani Strok
Skinny denim jeans are still the natural choice for casual daytime dress but for winter, Gharani & Strok teamed them with cashmere sweaters, silk blouses (peeping through the v-necks) and leather jackets topped off with ultra chic, colour matching berets.

Black, the dominant colour in this collection, was the canvass for a striking, hip hugging belted jacket (also available in a 3/4 length) with sleeves prematurely cut off at just above the albow to reveal luxuriously long leather gloves.

For this season, the only suit to make it into the collection was from the eveningwear family. A modernised, drain-pipe trouser suit with sequined lapels, matching sequin belt and see-through chiffon t-shirt worn underneath the jacket.

The black dresses featured interesting geometric shoulder straps, sheer chiffon décolleté-to-neck coverings, cut away panels and scooped neck lines that revealed the frilly tops of bras.

As for the colour, straying away from the usual winter favourites of reds and berries the pair — refreshingly — opted for a palette of turquoise, caramel, grape and beige. No patterns prevailed, just wearable jersey and wool dresses (worn with warm woolly tights) in caramel and beige and block colour separates. Very distinctive, utterly wearable.

Collection Pictures:
Gharani Strok

Prominent Colours:
Black, Turquoise, Carmel, Fudge, Brown, Grape, Grey

Fabrics: Wool, Sequins, Jersey, Leather, Denim, Sheepskin

Buyer Contact: Fiona Ennis | Tel: +44 (0)20 8749 5909

E-mail: Fiona Ennis

Gharani Strok


Designer: Katarzyna Sczotarska
Emerging designer Katarzyna Sczotarska (who showed her collection at On/Off schedule) unique sense of style paid homage to the baby-doll dress.

Modernised with a puff-ball hem, the design gives the wearer the opportunity to dress the smock shape up or down according to their requirements.

Other stand-out pieces in the collection included, widened or contrasting in colour Peter Pan collars sewn onto blouses and coats. This defining feature of the collection was worn with black or grey skirts in either A-line, tulip or pencil shapes.

Collection Pictures: Katarzyna Sczotarska

Models/Celebrities Spotted
: Miss Immodesty Blaize

Prominent Colours: Black,White, Grey, Pink, Green

Fabrics: Wool, Silk, Cotton, Satin

Buyer Contact: David Polisano at L.A.| Tel: +44 (0)20 7231 1764

E-mail: David Polisano at L.A.

Visit: Katarzyna Sczotarska





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