Falguni & Shane Peacock A/W '09 London Fashion Week

Designer: Falguni & Shane Peacock
Whilst other collections sought to convey an austere mood brought on by the recession, Falguni & Shane Peacock's feast for the eye show, continued to proclaimed the couples flair for textures, embellishment, prints and colours — first seen at their debut LFW show.

Thank goodness it wasn't a 'for one season only' fluke. A welcome alleviation to the banality of some of the collections, the pair demonstrated that vibrant prints can work just as well in A/W '09 as in S/S. With blink or you'll miss it details on dresses, the pair used classic flattering shapes and worked their magic all over them. Red and black colour ways were blended into a backdrop that served as the landscape for beautiful embellishment, that crisscrossed its way in vertical panels along the length of dresses.

Asymmetric evening dresses had an operatic feel with plunging necklines, pleats and vents, enveloping and swirling around the body.

Maxi dresses (in red) fused muted rainbow stripes — with grey, black and white; to tone down a staple usually seen in summer collections. Cute cocktail dresses were given either an on trend fringe skirt or harlequin sequin hem, for a modern yet girly look. A beautifully crafted evening coat in the most flattering of cocoon shapes, seemed to capture the rising sun and the parched terrain of Africa, in its pattern.

One of the highlights of the week.

Falguni & Shane Peacock Prominent Colours:
Vibrant Colours in: Gold, Reds, Blue, Nude, Yellow

Falguni & Shane Peacock Fabrics/Patterns: Chiffon, Mesh Silk, Satin, Wool | Embroidery, Sequins, Ornate Crystal Beading, Ostrich Feathers, Animal Prints, Motifs of Flowers

Sales Contact: Supriya Bedi | Mumtaz Suterwalla

: A-1 La Blanc, Opp. J.W. Marriott, Juhu Tara Road, Mumbai 400 049

UK Sales Tel
: +44 7780 993 635 | UK Sales Tel: +44 7765 140 540

Tel +91 98 200 77430 | Tel: +91 22 6695 1772/+91 22 2678 6248

Fax: +91 22 6695 1773 |

UK Sales E-mail
: mumtaz@fu-sion360.com | supriya@fu-sion360.com

: Peacock Couture

Falguni & Shane Peacock A/W '09 London Fashion Week
Falguni & Shane Peacock A/W '09 London Fashion Week
Falguni & Shane Peacock A/W '09 London Fashion Week
Modernist Autumn/winter 2009 collection

Designer: Modernist
Modernist chose to take design refuge in nature for their A/W '09 collection aptly entitled Exotic.

The plumes of exotic birds and the delicate assimilation of flowering petals, were ingeniously worked onto jackets and dresses to produce their very own piece of fashion genesis.

Continuing to look to nature and all its regeneration qualities, life ever lasting provided the emanating theme that managed to assist Andrew Jones and Abdul Koroma from dwelling in the negative territory of the credit crunch.

Using their characteristic love of contrasts pushed their abilities to the extreme, with precious skins like crocodile spliced with cashmere, silk gazaar, elastic and goat; to create a textural feast of the natural versus the manmade. Jackets possessed razor cut structured shapes that proposed a streamlined silhouette saturated with couture overtones.

As though to enforce the notion that man could never surpass anything that is made by nature, the duo included a homage to its greatness, a stunning silk evening dress in emerald green.

Prominent Colours:
Black, Green

Fabrics/Patterns: Cashmere, Chiffon, Lace, Organza, Silk, Wool | Feathers

Buyer Contact: Abdul Koroma

182 Mare Street London E8 3RE

+44 (0) 20 7514 8540 | Fax: +44 (0) 20 7900 6490
| E-mail: Abdul Koroma

Visit: Modernist Online

Qasimi A/W '09 London Fashion Week

Designer: Qasimi
Qasimi's quintessential English garden displayed a macabre theme, that included a brief education on the best of British models who served as this rare garden's flowers.

Erin O'Connor, Yasmine Le Bon and Jacquetta Wheeler (to name a few) provided the only colour to a palette that never deviated from black.

Another collection that showed a historical tour through the ages, Qasimi's evening wear consisted of Tudor and Versailles inspired ball gowns, Victoriana fur trim dress and roaring 20's satin dress.

A simply knee length dress (consisting of drapes) and a trouser suit, were the only pieces to indicate the collection was conceived in the 21st century.

Fabric tones, cut, draping, folds and pleats; went some way into lifting the sombre overtones of a collection, that evidently was mourning the world's financial predicament.

Prominent Colours: Black

Fabrics/Patterns: Georgette, Leather, Satin, Silk, Wool

Sales Contact: Jeff @ Clear Agency

1 Cobb Street London E1 7LB

: +44 (0) 20 7377 1002 | Fax: +44 (0) 20 7377 1098 | E-mail: sales

Visit: Qasimi

Qasimi A/W '09 London Fashion Week
Qasimi A/W '09 London Fashion Week
Qasimi A/W '09 London Fashion Week





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